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Loyal Orange Lodge 49,
Springburn Ulster Defenders.

LOL 49 is member of 10 district (Springburn), located in the North part of the County Grand Orange Lodge of Glasgow.

Membership of the Orange Order is open to anybody who adheres to the reformed Christian faith.  Any potential member should be a true protestant, a loyal subject and a regular church attender.  The Orange Order is not anti-catholic as the media often portray, rather it is a group made up of members from the reformed Christian faith.  The Orange Lodge is a religious fraternity, any Roman Catholic, Jew, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu or member of any other religion is not eligible for membership.  However they are free to exercise the same right today that the early reformers used and turn towards the scriptural truths found within the teachings of the Bible.

If you wish to contact the lodge our email address is enquiries@lol49.co.uk

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